Math Games: Preschool Math Games For Kids


The kids have been trying out some great educational apps on the iPad! Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get them to do their homework, but these apps give a feeling of a fun game!

Math Games: Preschool Math Games For Kids offers both Pre-K and Kindy Maths!


Pre-K has some fantastic simple Number Sense activities! I found even though Eliza can count to 20 she didn’t know what numbers look like. This app helped her immensely with her number recognition. Her favourite game in this section was of course painting with numbers. With 33 educational number games in the Number Sense section of the app she has started to recognise numbers in no time!

Next is the Geometry/shapes! Also very educational and really benefited her. With a fun way to learn and draw her shapes.

We have also started the sorting, counting, and comparison/patterns!

All of which are giving her such a huge boost for Kindy next year!

K part of the app doesn’t disappoint either, Bray is pre-primary (Western Australia) but he could only count to 29! After playing Kidlo Math Games: Preschool Math Games For Kids for a few days he can effortlessly count to 100! He also recognises and even writes all the numbers!

He has just moved onto counting by 10’s & 5’s! From not being able to count past 29 to doing counting by multiples.. I am so impressed!!!


Number Sense helped Bray with the writing of his numbers, with the number songs and tracing!

Geometry/shapes, Bray know most of his shapes, but this section taught him about shape sides, 2D & 3D shapes and sorting games of shapes!

I found the comparison section really helpful, teaching heavy/light, big/small, long/short ect!

Overall Bray & Eliza love these apps. It was really easy to get them to sit down and pay attention, they enjoyed themselves while learning.

With all the cute characters, fun music and colourful illustrations, this app is so much fun for the kids. They ask to play it and when we have times like waiting rooms when they have to sit and wait it’s perfect to use the time constructively! Keeping them busy, and happily entertained!

I have noticed a huge improvement in Brays maths and number recognition, and I am so impressed he is learning to count by 5s and 10s!

One of the best educational apps we have used! Keep an eye peeled for out review of the
Kidlo English App: English Learning For Kids App next!

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