Toddlerfest at Scitech

Toddlerfest is on at Scitech now and I have the say Bray & Eliza had the time of their life! Bray was so busy I could hardly snap any photos of him! Eliza’s favourite was sending colourful scarves up our suction tubes and watching them pop back out and fall down to the ground, with the blacklight on the bright scarfs it was magical! 7DAA4C6D-DF17-41C0-A655-65379227FA20

Making sure we visited every table and every room of scitech the kids saw everything from bees 🐝 to the stars in outer space via the Planetarium. Which is normally for only over 4s but they are running special screening for toddlers during todlerfest!

We played with colourful rice, spinning rings, we tested our assumptions, by trying to work out where the beach ball would head! Pumped bubbles into the air, and admired ourself in mirrors 👌🏻

Pasta necklaces where made and worn for days afterwards and the Dinosaur train live show was a winner with my two!

Don’t miss out it’s on from now until the 25th Feb!

Visit their website now to book your tickets!

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