Smokin’ in the Port – Fremantle

Off we went to Fremantle for a wander and to check out the Hottest BBQ competition in Fremantle, Smokin’ in the Port!

Located at Princess May Park, Cantonment Street, just behind Clancy’s in Fremantle it was easy to find. We just parked in the Woolstores car park and wandered across the road.

First stop was a yummy gelato from Scoops r us! Which we all enjoyed, Eliza even went back for seconds!

After a wander around we decided to be brave and taste test all the chilli sauces available! We had a taste of Dingo Sauce Co , Latashas Kitchen (I hope she’s still there today I am going back for some Satay simmer sauce!) and Mr Saucez  (such a funny bloke! Even though I am a sook when it comes to chilli, his Roasted Garlic & Pepper Salad Dressing was to die for! Brought it yesterday and had it for dinner lastnight 😋😋).

By the time we finished all the chilli tasting we really should have kept the gelato till last 😂 but the day wasn’t over! Next we went and go the BEST loaded fries I have EVER had from Melicious Gourmet !!! Seriously I am going to follow them all over the country to eat their fries, with their in house magical seasoning and sauce! 9A3E0B28-A2B4-4BB2-9B3E-A4AE85520770

So don’t forget to head down today for he main event, eat some amazing food! And support of our local Charities, Mondo Community Warriors and Answers for Archer!

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