Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous

This school holidays was packed full of the best activities!

The Western Australian Museum did it again with their Dinosaur Discovery!

I took all three kids!!! Three!! Luckily I had some lovely friends who only have one child each to help me out!

When we first walked in the boys where wow’d! They loved it! Look here look there! Eliza was a little reserved but it only took a few minutes for her to warm up the dinosaur fun!

With more than 20 life-size moving animatronic dinosaurs for the kids to oooo and arhhh over they were definitely kept entertained!

They learnt about animal and plant life during the Cretaceous period! They also learnt about how a meteorite triggered caused a mass extinction of the dinosaurs!

They got to see fossils, the dinosaur poo fossil was a big hit with the kids 😂😂 they learnt how fossils are made and if birds are really dinosaurs!9851DB56-3BED-4E67-AD41-D8469574FF0E
Eliza made a dinosaur hat, while the boys excavated some dinosaur fossils in the dig pit! They all coloured in their dinosaurs pictures and then scanned them to see their dinosaurs comes to life on a big screen!


Thanks WA Museum for an awesome day out!!

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