Krispy Kreme Doughnut Decorating 🍩

Who loves Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? Fynn does! During the school holidays we booked in with our friends Emma & Reed to go into store and decorate our very own Doughnuts!

To say this was Fynns thing would be an understatement! He was in his element! So much so his tongue came out in concentration, he wanted to make the best doughnut he could!


With so so many different colours icing and different toppings the boys made some awesome looking doughnuts, if you’re looking for a future doughnut designer I think these boys would be in the running!

The boys were then given doughnut decorator certificates which is lovingly stuck to my fridge, and I am reminded everyday by Fynn about how he decorated his own doughnuts!

I went to buy some for Bray and Eliza to take home, I came back and Fynn had eaten his doughnuts, both of them! So it was a productive afternoon enjoyed by everyone especially the boys!

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