Springfree Trampoline For Christmas

The countdown is on until a Christmas, but, Christmas came early here when the kids were spoilt with a Springfree trampoline!
The cheering coming from them was heartwarming as they ran outside after school! (Eliza cheered even though she was home when it was installed!)


I have to say, it’s such an impressive looking device, it has such an amazing look to it! Almost sci-fi! 😂 it oozy quality!

Since we have had the trampoline, which I think now would be close to a month, we have had ZERO injuries relating to the trampoline!
I love how there are no springs to get little fingers caught in, and no foam mats around the outside for them to walk on, until their little legs fall though!

For the last month with our new Springfree trampoline the kids have spent a lot more time outside! Before and after school, and all weekend. I use to have to bribe them to play outside, but now I have to be bribed to come inside 😂 Which I am much happier about! I know they are getting a lot of physical activity (which anyone with boys knows THEY NEED A LOT!!!)

It has been the perfect addition to our backyard activities! I can’t wait until Christmas for them to open the Springfree accessories! I have chosen the basketball ring for them! 🏀 I know they are going to love it!

So if you are looking the the ultimate Christmas gift? Then look no further!

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