Scitech’s Planet Pioneers

Are you ready to explore a new planet!? We checked out Scitech’s new exhibition, Planet Pioneers.

The boys really got into the theme of the night, dressed up as astronauts, exploring the 17 hands-on exhibits.

We loved the G-does spinning capsule! The boys strapped in spun as fast as they could! I got a bit dizzy just watching!

A massive hit was the exploring a new planet in the exploration vehicle!

Brays favourite exhibit has to have been the virtual drone! After a few goes he got pretty good at it! I am pretty sure NASA might be head hunting him for their next trip into space 😂

We launched rockets, constructed space objects, and completed all the tasks on our
survival skills checklist!


With all the amazing staff all dressed up as Astronaut, it was an amazing exhibit, definitely worth a visit!! 👩‍🚀 The boys had the best night! It was hard to get them to leave!!!

For more info check out

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