Trees Adventure in Lane Poole Park, Dwellingup, WA!


We went and checked out Trees Adventure in Lane Poole Park, Dwellingup, WA! The boys kinda reviewed it for me, saying “it was the best day ever!”.

Tree Adventures have 6 parks around Australia and our local one is down a little way past Dwellingup, half way to Waroona (just guesstimating) about an hour & 45 minutes south of Perth, surrounded by camping areas so you could always make a weekend of it!

So what is it? It’s an obstacle course up in the tree, obviously the more advanced levels are higher than the kids level we tried out! (They are like really really really high 🙈)

The boys went though the course and did some ziplines (the staff where so good with the little kids and gave their equipment cute little names like Cookie Monster 😂) the did balancing and little swinging obstacles!

For the littles (4 to 7 years old) they had two different courses, with different obstacles to get through. You get two hours, and want to arrive 20-30mins early to hand in your waiver, get your equipment on/training done, so it doesn’t cut into your climbing time!

Since Bray was the youngest participant age at 4 years old, and he’s a very small little boy I did ring to make sure it was okay for him to do (he’s only about 95cm tall) they said as long as they are 4 years old it’s fine. In hindsight Bray really needed to be 4years old and minimum of 100cm, because he couldn’t reach the ropes to get hook around the guide rope. Fynn had to stay behind and help him, and he couldn’t land on the other side of the ziplines as he was that tiny bit too short! None the less Fynn was happy to help him and he had a great time anyway!

All safety equipment is supplied, you just have to make sure your wearing enclosed shoes and suitable clothing (pants/shorts/tee – not dresses and skirts 😂)

They have a little cafe for basic snacks and drinks, the boys enjoyed an ice cream at the picnic tables afterwards!

As soon as we finished our 2 hours the boys wanted to come back “tomorrow”.

I recommend making a book on their website to avoid disappointment.





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