Get ready for school Australia

With Bray starting full time schooling next year I am excited, sad and even worried! Will he keep up being one of the youngest in the class, his birthday is only 3 weeks before the cut off!

I recieved a pack from “Get Ready For School”! We started off trying out the Re-printable Early Learning Pack, which is instant digital delivery! You just have to download, print and you are ready to go!

Helping with learning to write and recognise numbers first, Bray happily sat down and did numbers 0 through to 5!

They have different packs to suit all Australian states, in each states relative font! Which is great! So I know he will recognises the fonts when he gets to school next year and doesn’t have to start from scratch!

Bray then moved onto the name template, which I found really healful. With arrows and dots showing where to start and what way to go, something Bray gets confused with..

Anyone with kids starting school next year I highly recommend trying out these great products! So far I have found them a fantastic tool in helping promote learning, giving him a taste of what he will be doing next year but in a relaxed atmosphere at home. Hoping it gives him a real leg up when he starts!

Check out all their great school packs at @getreadyforschoolaustalia

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