Montii 600ml insulated water bottle

Montii water bottles, with the environment in mind, Montii have brought out a stainless steel double walled, stylish and sterdy water bottle! We received the green water bottle to try out and after a few days I can safely say, we love it! Keeps water cold for way longer, and with the wide mouth you can add ice to give it that extra chill!

Easy to carry with a little handle, and a cool little carabiner to hang off your pram, bag, anything really!

The cute little lid is made of bamboo and super stylish, to go with the dent and scratch resistant bottle! (Ours has already been dropped and no sight of it at all!)

So in short, if you like your water cold, easy to carry and cool looking bottles these bottles are definitely for you! I loved this water bottle for myself and my 5yo, it was great for Eliza (2yo) I just had to watch her until she got use to the wide opening!


Check out on instagram To pre-order (Arriving 11th October!)


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