What makes pink a girls colour and long hair only for girls?

After Bray cut his hair, I was pretty sad that it was all gone, I’m not sure if it’s something he just wanted to do if he was just sick of the comments & being called a girl, these comments were from kids, adults, teachers, doctors, even the hairdresser cutting his hair. People telling him he looked like a girl, he should get a haircut, asking when he would get one, even his kindergarten teacher told me to cut his hair at the start of the year! Why is long hair only for girls?

Fynns favourite colour has been pink since he was able to talk, he also loves rainbow, and this seems to be a massive issue for some people… He wants to wear pink because he loves it, but our community has made it a “girl colour” and his rainbow boots which he loves! He has been told they are “girl boots”… why? What makes them girls? He asked me for a doll for Christmas yesterday. I’m going to get it for him, because boys grow up to be dads just as much as girls grow up to be mums? Dads play with their kids? Why so are they “girls toys”.

Colour and hair has no gender so why have we put it into catagories!

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