Toddlerfest at Scitech

Toddlerfest is on at Scitech now and I have the say Bray & Eliza had the time of their life! Bray was so busy I could hardly snap any photos of him! Eliza’s favourite was sending colourful scarves up our suction tubes and watching them pop back out and fall down to the ground, with […]

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Salts of the Earth – Wangara

Eliza and I were so excited to check out Salt of the Earth, Wangaratta, in the children’s room of course. The children’s room almost looks like a winter wonderland that isn’t cold! With a soft salt floor, a children’s play kitchen, table and chairs for salty tea parties, of course little couches for watching Netflix, […]

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Springfree Trampoline For Christmas

The countdown is on until a Christmas, but, Christmas came early here when the kids were spoilt with a Springfree trampoline! The cheering coming from them was heartwarming as they ran outside after school! (Eliza cheered even though she was home when it was installed!) I have to say, it’s such an impressive looking device, […]

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Scitech’s Planet Pioneers

Are you ready to explore a new planet!? We checked out Scitech’s new exhibition, Planet Pioneers. The boys really got into the theme of the night, dressed up as astronauts, exploring the 17 hands-on exhibits. We loved the G-does spinning capsule! The boys strapped in spun as fast as they could! I got a bit […]

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Bush Baby World (cccccuteee!)

The cutest little toys! Bush Baby’s are gorgeous little characters that live in little pods in a tree! There is a little grove on the back of your Bush baby’s where you put your finger to wiggle their eyes and wag their ears! Eliza has spent hours and hours playing with her baby’s! Unfortunately hers […]

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